Behind the Brand

Loré Loré is a knitwear brand built on the essence of what is handcrafted, small production exclusively utilizing locally sourced materials, truly bringing it back to the art of the craft. Each piece is carefully crafted taking particular attention to detail; from colour and yarn selection to garment design, production and finishing. Loré Loré is embedded with the values of quality natural fibres, hand made and slow fashion principles with the purpose of each piece finding a home to be cherished time and time again defying short term trends.

With vibrant and classic designs, Loré Loré represents more than just a wearable item. It begins with a vision of expression and evolves to a unique and personal representation of ones own identity; symbolic of a mood or a feeling about oneself and what they value; be it style, comfort or functionality. Tactile patterns and elegant silhouettes combine with a contemporary approach to the timeless craft of knitting of which creates Loré Loré knitwear.