Loré Loré Knitwear Fit

Loré Loré knitwear are all handcrafted on a domestic knitting machine. It has been finished by hand with close attention to detail.

Loré Loré knitwear are all knitted to one standard size, unless stated otherwise. The nature of the knit is that it will stretch to fit and will sit on each body type differently.

All accessories are freshly knitted, with wear the knit will soften and mould to a comfortable fit. Just like new leather shoes need to be warn in, so do woollen knits.

Hint: A good steam and a stretch of your Loré Loré accessory will assist the fitting process


Turban – One Size

·      Turbans stretch to fit when applied properly.

·      Insert two hands in the center of the turban and stretch out wide.

·      Fit on head from the forehead then pull over towards the back of the head.

See the video tutorial below on ‘How to Fit Your Turban’.



Pom Pom Beanie – One Size

·      Due to the weight of the pom pom, this product has been constructed to have a firm fit. This is to ensure beanie will not slide off during wear.

·      Beanies can be worn with the brim down for a long, slouchy fit, or turned up for a shorter fit and higher sitting of the Pom Pom.


 Loré Loré Knitwear Care

It is important to follow the washing care instructions for your Loré Loré knit. Knitwear doesn’t require to be washed frequently and there are other alternatives for cleaning that help the longevity of your knit.

Some alternatives are:

·      For items that are lightly worn, good old fashioned airing out in the fresh open air will freshen it up (remember not to hang your knitwear as it could alter the shaping - we recommend a flat drying rack.)

·     Pop in a garment bag and place in the freezer. The cold temperature will kill any bacteria and get rid of any odours.

Knitwear and hangers don’t mix for a long period of time. Due to the construction, the knit can loose its shape due to the weight and gravity pulling it out of place. It is always best to fold and store your knits in a dry place. We recommend placing a sachet of lavender with your knits to repel any unwanted fibre eating nasties.

It’s not too difficult to reshape your knit, and this is a handy tool to ensure the perfect fit of your knit. Lightly steaming and reshaping your knit can go a long way!


We Are Here to Help

We understand the love for knitwear and want to provide you with any tips you may need to keep your Loré Loré knit in its best condition for a long loved life.

Should you have any concerns or have a question about the care of your knit, please feel free to contact us at info@loreloreknitwear.com