Make a Pom Pom Beanie!

Have you ever wanted to knit your own beanie, but gave up after a few rows?

This workshop is just for you! You can knit your own Pom Pom Beanie in just 6hrs and learn some cool knitting skills in the process!

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, expanding your knitting skills or wanting to learn how to use the knitting machine currently in storage, this class is perfect to get you started.


This hands-on project will get you straight onto a machine experimenting with a few key techniques to get you started on your own beanie creation. By the end of the workshop you’ll be returning home with your very own Pom Pom beanie crafted by you!


Book in for a days workshop, divided into two three hour slots with an hour break in between. 

10am - 5pm (Break @1pm)


Make it a Party!

Book in a group up to 5 participants. Perfect for group team building, craft-a-noons, or any small event gathering. Available for Saturday or Sunday bookings. Suitable for ages 12+


Email Inquiries to:

acuity Block
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